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Posted on 2009-08-09, by Tom
I can not describe myself as an avid concert goer. I have ony been to a couple of concerts and including last night's, I can still count them all on the fingers of my hand. And last night's was the first concert I have watched of a mega-star. But even though I lack a wide experience from concerts, I will anyway give my impressions. (do you need to have studied knitting in order to know the emperor has no clothes?)
Madonna gave her first concert in Sweden yesterday night (this time around), and I was there. We all love Madonna, right? She has always been brave, stylish, sexy and all that. And she is still a lot of it, even today.
So, how was it? Meh, Madonna did not quite make it as far as I had hoped. The local news paper in Gothenburg said the magic was missing, and for once, the paper and I agree on something. I actually missed the "live" part of the show. I do not want to feel like I have been and watched a fancy music video. I want "aucoustic" variants of the songs - at least music that is made there, on the stage while I watch. That is magic! And the 2 second pause between each song yesterday - it made it feel like I listened to a CD. And the big monitors in the background showing vivid colors instead of the artist - definately distracted from the performance itself. What ever happened to good old audience interaction? Hello? I think we got maybe 5 sentences off script. Two "Hey Sweden", one "Gothenburg" and then something about starting the party.
I like Madonna. I like her music. I like her skills and ability to make a show. I enjoyed the concert yesterday night. But I had expected something different? I must end on a positive note, the light show, the graphics - were magnificent.