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Posted on 2009-09-27, by Tom
The new V TV-series looks great!! If the promo does the show justice, it will definitely become one of my all time favourites. And according to the Wikipedia article, the show will be broadcasted by TV6 in Sweden (thank you)!
A few of the gems from the promo and episode 1 preview (available here)..
"Don't be frightened, we mean no harm" - Anna
"Is there such a thing like an ugly visitor?" - Chad Decker
"The most powerful weapon out there, devotion". - Erica Evans
And from the pulpit we learn that we need to investigate claims before we believe in them......
"We are all quick to jump on the band-wagon, but before we get on, let us at least examine."
From the promo I gather that this show will be more than just a shallow sci-fi entertainment series - which I am all for. What I like is, for example, Decker's comment. Paraphrased he asks "why are you all so good looking?". Let us see if he makes the connection that maybe that is because people automatically like and trust attractive people. So, again, why are Vs so attractive? By chance or do they want us not to question them? I really look forward to see where they take that train of thoughts in the show. I also love the insinuations in the promo that devotion and faith may be dangerous and that everything must be questioned before followed. I also loved the fact that this was (also) said from the pulpit... Was that done on purpose?
I have a really good feel about the show and I can hardly wait until it airs...
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