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Posted on 2009-10-08, by Tom
On my way to work this morning I saw a couple of Metro's lying on the bus and I had to grab a quick picture with my cell..
Journalism at its best
"Sweden's road to success - Metro investigates"
"PLUS: The expert about the chance in percent"
What!? Expert about the chance in "percent". What is this, is the paper written for five year-olds? When was percent anything to brag about. Why in the world do you wanna write an investigative article about football, and quantify the probability of a win in percent - and why in the world would you wanna put that on the front page?? "We believe Sweden's chance of victory is 27.4%". Please, write articles with WORDS, not trivial calculations. I just could not bring myself to pick up the paper to actually look at the article. But judging from the front page and from the fact that it's Metro, and their previous track record of investigative journalism and "great" articles I reserve my right to judge them without doing so.
It is so silly... And it gives Sweden a bad reputation abroad of having lowbrow newspapers. Which we unfortunately deserve.