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Posted on 2009-10-13, by Tom
In recent news, but hardly new... About 5 minutes after the announcement every blog on the net had commented on the new laureate. And looking back on all those comments I think it is clear, which it also was 2 minutes after the announcement (i.e. before anyone had commented) - we look like fools! Fools, I tell you!
Was it an article in the NYT or a blog on HuffPost that put it so well...?
This is awkward, very awkward...
Why? Well, this year's laureates in physics were awarded for breakthroughs made in the 1960s. The chemistry laureates made their discoveries in the 1990s. This year's medicin prize is given for accomplishments done in the 1980s.
And this year's prize in peace is awarded for work done ... em, for expectations ... ?
for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples (source)
Please!! Give awards for accomplishments, not for what may be. That is clear in Alfred Nobel's will. Europe gets blamed for this stupidity. Scandinavia too. And Sweden. And yet...
... and that for champions of peace by a committee of five persons to be elected by the Norwegian Storting. (source)
I like Obama. I hope he will do great. And if he deserves the Nobel peace prize he would receive it in due time... But to award someone a prize for something they have yet to achieve, is just awkward.
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