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Posted on 2010-10-21, by Tom
I think Apple is on the right track. As I have mentioned before, I have been a PC. And a Linux. But after I got my iPod, I moved to an iPhone and then became a total Mac by buying a computer from the Apple company.
And now I watched the key note from Steve Jobs, live stream, on my iPhone, on my way home from work. I must be Steve's dream customer. A PC turned Mac. And Steve&Co are on the right track. The new MacBook Air is the perfect laptop. Reasonably priced, thin, instant on, light, high-res, long lasting battery. And the new MacOS X Lion. Mayby not a huge difference from the current version, but still.
I have heard people's reaction that I bought I Mac instead of a PC. "It's so user friendly". "It's so limited". But I think that's the old Mac. Today MacOS X is BSD based. Which computer is limited, a Windows PC or a Mac? Well, which comes with Python, C, Perl compilers? XCode? X? Unix programs? Do I need to write more...
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