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Posted on 2012-03-07, by Tom
I am probably the last person to figure this out, but, never mind.
I had a bunch of problems with Python matplotlib package after I installed OS X Lion. It did not work, I could not get it to work and my workaround for the time being was to stop using it. Not the most beautiful solution - but it worked for a while.
Now I am in the progress to solve that problem as I really want to use matplotlib. So, one step was to check my XCode installation. It turns out, XCode is now available in App store. But I had an old installation already on my Mac.
So, uninstall old XCode.
Went to App store, downloaded/installed XCode. Opened terminal. GCC - command not found. Why, why, why is this happening?
So, after (actually not too long) a while I figured out that XCode command line tools are now installed from within XCode, menu Preferences-Downloads. Who would have figured?
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