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Welcome to frugal. Frugal is a simple software application to track you income and expenses.

If you would like to calculate what how much a hamburger cost in the year 1940 expressed in today's money, visit the Inflation calculator. And, if you would like to approximate what your net worth will be in 10 years, go to the wealth calculator.

Frugal software application
Frugal is a simple yet powerful personal finance and stock portfolio management application. It provides quick on-line stock quote and currency rate updates and easy to understand graphical and textual views of your financial situation. The software is platform independent, which means that you can run it on your Windows PC, your Apple Macintosh or your Linux computer.

Download Frugal Now! / User's Guide

Upgrade to the latest release
If you have received the upgrade message in Frugal, follow the instructions below. The upgrade is simple and all old projects are fully compatible with the latest release.
  1. Download the new program package (Click here, then on release 0.XX, choose zip)
  2. Rename the current Frugal installation directory (e.g. rename the directory frugal to frugal_old)
  3. Unzip the downloaded file into a new directory to replace the Frugal installation directory renamed in the previous step (i.e. this directory should be called frugal)
  4. If, and only if, your project directory (where you stored your project's files) was stored inside the old frugal directory, copy it into the new frugal directory
  5. Run the new version of Frugal!
Quick start guide
Before you begin: Please note that Frugal is still in the beta phase and that there are yet-to-be-found bugs in the program code. If you experience problems with the program, please report them to the project's tracker to help improve future releases.
  1. Download the program package (Click here, then on release 0.XX, choose zip)
  2. Unzip the downloaded file into a new directory
  3. (Skip this step if you use the Windows executable package)
    Download and install Python (see the user's guide -> Installation instructions -> Prerequisites)
  4. Run the program (Double-click on the file frugal.exe or
Detailed installation instructions, a quick-start guide and trouble shooting instructions are available in the README file, located in the doc/ directory inside the program package.

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