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Frugal 1.0 is the next generation of the personal finance and stock portfolio management application Frugal.

> Begin here: Download Frugal 1.0 Beta 1 now!

It has from October 2010 reached its public alpha stage and in November 2010 its public beta stage. This means that you can join the team and test the latest release. The alpha and beta releases are currently available as source code (for use in Linux), a Windows executable package and as a MacOS X application. Please view the README file in the doc directory for detailed information.

If you are new to Frugal, we recommended that you first install and use the stable release of Frugal 0.x. (click the Home link above to find the latest stable release.) The current beta release includes many of the functionality found in Frugal 0.x. It is however not finalized yet and should be viewed as a preview.

As can be seen in the screenshot, Frugal 1.0 has a completely new GUI. The income statement is divided into four seperate boxes. The box in the top left corner compares this and last month's income and expenses divided into different categories. Last month's expenses are visualized in the top right corner as a pie chart. The bottom left square displays the historical cash-flow per month since the beginning of time, and the bottom right plot shows the three-month average of the cash-flow.

The stock portfolio is also updated. The detailed information in the top left corner shows all assets divided into asset types. The pie chart on the right hand side shows all assets in relation to each other, and the pie chart on the left hand side the current assets vs current liabilities. The line plot on the right hand side plots the net stock portfolio value.
Getting started
Download either the src, win or macos zip file.
  1. Download the zip file and unpack the content
  2. In Windows and MacOS X, find the directory frugal/exe and double-click on the Frugal application (In all other OSes, open a terminal or command line and run Frugal "python src/")
  3. Enjoy!
Frugal 1.0 beta is not final nor completely stable and it does not include all functionality of the final 1.0 release. The recommended use case for the beta release is to use it next to Frugal 0.x. The same project can be used in all Frugal software tracks.

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