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Welcome to the wealth calculator at samoht.se. How much will you be worth in the future? Taking into account your starting portfolio, expected investment growth and yearly savings? Try the calculator and it will give you an approximate in seconds!

Initial portfolio value
Initial cash held
Savings per year
Expected portfolio growth per year %
Expected inflation rate per year %
How much money will I have in years.

About the calculator

The wealth calculator calculates your expected net worth after a selected number of years. To use the calculator, specify your portfolio's current value. The portfolio value is the current value of your investments in the stock market, including mutual funds. Then enter how much cash you have in your bank accounts and how much you plan to invest in the stock market each year.

Expected portfolio growth is the rate at which you expect the stock market to grow each year. Search the internet for historical growth rates from the stock market, including dividend you can calculate with approximately 9.0% (which is historically low if you take into account the stock market growth over 30-40 years). Then enter the expected inflation rate for the coming years. Many central banks has a target of 2.0% inflation.

Select the number of years and click the calculate button.

The calculation is done over the specified number of years. The portfolio value is increased by the expected market growth, and then the savings is added to the portfolio. That is, the calculation assumes that the savings are invested at the end of each year. The amount that is saved each year is increased by the rate of inflation, as is the cash.

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